Ms Ana de la Cueva, Secretary of State for Economy and Business Affairs visited Mixer&Pack’s facilities to celebrate the successful business career of the Spanish developer and manufacturer of perfumes and cosmetics for third party brands.


January 11, 2019 (Meco, Madrid)

Mixer & Pack’s internationalisation strategies, its evolution, as well as the recently obtained CEPYME award for its actions dedicated to energy saving and sustainability have made the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Afairs, Ms Ana de la Cueva, interested in personally meeting the Spanish company currently consolidated as a key figure in the development and manufacture of perfumery and cosmetics for third party brands.


Ms Ana de la Cueva, Secretary of State for the Economy and Business Affairs, was received by the Board of Directors of Mixer & Pack (Mr Agustín, Mr Gregorio, Mr Rodolfo and Ms Carolina Gómez Loeches) and by its Management Committee (Mr Juan Mediavilla, Mr Javier Palacios, Ms Teresa Albarral, Mr Juan del Sarro, Ms Susana Esteban and Mr Lorenzo García). To the appointment also attended Ms Milagros Avedillo, Advisory Member of the Ministry of Economy and Member of the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain.

During the visit, Mr Agustín Gómez, director of Mixer & Pack, accompanied by Mr Juan Mediavilla, CEO of Mixer & Pack, expressed on behalf of the company to be ¨really proud to welcome in our facilities the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Affairs of Spain and to be able to show her the business activity, the contribution of Mixer & Pack to the development of the Spanish economy, as well as the passion and dedication that the great team of professionals behind the most prestigious perfume firms in the world works with¨.

In her congratulatory speech on the qualitative and quantitative evolution of the manufacturer, Ms Ana de la Cueva highlighted the three main commitments of the administrations in economic matters: firstly, the training of professionals and career plans for the incorporation of increasingly qualified personnel, secondly, the digital transformation and the importance of this in the evolution towards the business network of the future and finally, sustainable development and manufacturing know-how without compromising the needs of future generations. These are three pillars that Mixer & Pack shares with the Ministry, along with its internationalisation strategy.

The excellent business trajectory that the company has registered in recent years, made it exceed its record figure in 2018 for the second consecutive year, growing by +28% and reaching a turnover of €55 million. In 2019, Mixer & Pack set the course to exceed €60 million in turnover.

In 2019 and given its continuous growth, the company specialising in the manufacture of perfumes for third party brands announced the start of the construction of its new production plant in Cabanillas del Campo, with the aim of increasing the company’s production capacity. The family-owned group invested more than €25 million and expects the new centre to be operational in 2021.

Furthermore, Mixer & Pack has been immersed for more than 4 years in a strategic plan based on energy saving and efficiency, and environmental care. Its participation in the prominent STEEEP (Support & Training for an excellent Energy Efficiency Performance) project, led by the European Parliament, established it as a model for business at the European level. Finally, last November, CEPYME recognized its efforts in energy saving actions, emissions reduction and environmental care with the award for “Energy Efficiency and Sustainability”.

Its positive results, growth strategy and evolution in recent years, have made the developer and manufacturer of perfumes become a finalist in the National Awards of the fashion industry for two consecutive years, in addition to entering the exclusive program CRE100DO that brings together the 100 Spanish companies that contribute the most to boosting the Spanish middle market.

Founded more than 25 years ago as a result of the passion of its founders, Mr. Rodolfo Gómez and Mrs. Gregoria Loeches, for high quality handcrafted perfumery. Today it counts on innovative manufacturing processes typical of the 4.0 industry. Its trajectory, expertise and quality in the manufacturing processes make the Spanish company the ideal partner, preferred by the main international firms for the development of their perfume products, present in more than 120 countries around the world.