Integrated services in perfumery creation, design, and manufacture.

We at Mixer&Pack are experts in the development and production of perfumes on a global scale.

In order to suit the needs of each project, Mixer&Pack provides a comprehensive service that handles the entire perfume-creation process, from the formulation of the olfactory formula, through the design of the product and its packaging, to its manufacture and final packing.

Creative Support

Design and development of packaging

Effective communication between each brand and its final consumer depends on the graphic design and packaging of a perfume.

While creating innovative packaging solutions that meet each company’s branding and needs without losing sight of current market trends, Mixer&Pack’s creative team captures the soul and style of each brand.

Perfume Laboratory

We create distinctive fragrance formulas that are tailored to each brand’s target market.

We collaborate with renowned perfumers who are experts in every market, area, and consumer profile to create distinctive olfactory formulas and fragrances that perfectly capture the essence of each brand.

Industrial Support

Manufacture of Perfumery and Cosmetics

Leadership in Lean Manufacturing, sophisticated manufacturing technology, and energy efficiency are guaranteed.

Agile methodology procedures and perfume production lines with plenty of flexibility and packaging capacity allow for project optimization. Equipment is ready for a highly profitable and viable development for any type of client, from regional to international businesses.

Optimized Purchasing Management

Project industrialization with a profitable, specific, and optimized purchasing management system.

The purchasing management of the product’s raw materials and ingredients, as well as the parts required for the packaging of the perfumes, is crucial to the industrialization of each project.

Technical Support

Quality and Security Control

In the cosmetics industry, rigorous evaluation procedures and continuous quality controls ensure product safety.

Due to continuous certifications and internal audits, Mixer&Pack is one of the most demanding manufacturers throughout the entire process of creation in perfumery in order to ensure the safety of the products on the market and in their final application.

Regulatory Services

Management is required for the perfume’s introduction into any market worldwide.

We take care of the regulations and documentation needed for the globalization of perfumery products manufactured in all world markets. We currently work with more than 130 nations across 5 continents.