Manufacturing perfumes under sustainable policies and maximum energy efficiency

Mixer & Pack want to achieve a balance between social well-being and responsible production for our planet. Therefore, we are committed to the future through the implementation of policies that prioritise sustainable processes throughout the value chain for the manufacturing of perfumes, cosmetics, and home fragrances.

Energy Policy

In order to develop, produce, packaging, and market perfumery and cosmetics products, Mixer&Pack is committed to using and optimizing energy as efficiently as possible.


Follow and enforce all applicable legal provisions, including those relating to energy use, consumption, and efficiency.


We will continue to look for ways to increase energy performance.


Encourage efficient energy use and energy savings by implementing energy-saving measures or technology that are designed to use energy more effectively.


Ensure that all employees are involved in achieving the objectives and goals stated, as well as the technical, human, and material resources required.


Support the purchase and design of energy-efficient goods and services to enhance energy performance and lower energy usage.


Ensure that commitments to energy performance and ongoing improvement are communicated throughout the organization.


Encourage ongoing training for controlling large amounts of energy and using the Energy Management System.


Tons of CO2 not emitted


Solar panels

0 %

Generated energy for self-consumption

0 %

Renewable energy

ecovadis 2024

We assess our suppliers’ operations from a sustainability standpoint.

We use electricity that is 100% renewable and has a CNMC Guarantee of Origin (GoO).

The internal team is committed to ongoing development, training, awareness, and knowledge of sustainable processes and the effective use of our resources.

Llevamos a cabo políticas de eficiencia energética para disminuir el impacto en nuestro medio ambiente.

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