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Perfume Laboratory

Innovation and cutting-edge cosmetic research are essential to provide your customers with the highest-quality and most competitive products in the cosmetics market.

In Mixer&Pack’s cosmetic laboratories, we conduct rigorous quality evaluation methods to provide a final product with excellent conditions. Offering our consumers the highest level of quality in the cosmetic products and perfumes we create has always been one of our core values.

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications that Mixer&Pack obtained after strict audits reaffirm and position the company as one of the most rigorous manufacturers in all of its processes; certify the highest quality in its manufacturing and development process; and they guarantee that the offered products and services meet the quality requirements and objectives of each client.

Advanced cosmetics laboratories.

Due to the increasing demand for creative and effective products from the perfumery and cosmetics industries, Mixer&Pack is forced to maintain a mindset of continuous improvement by providing an ad hoc service in the production of olfactory and customized cosmetic formulas.

In terms of scents and olfactory essences, the customer obtains a customized service. When choosing the aroma of a fragrance, distinct preferences exist in each location or nation. To develop scents with personality, we collaborate closely with the most influential perfumers in the business.

This approach aims to transform each company’s personality and image into distinctive aromas that last over time and spur brand identification. Each project’s industrialization produced distinctive, authentic-smelling perfumes as the end product.