Industrial Support

Manufacture of Perfumery and Cosmetics

The maceration and production processes are crucial to the creation of a perfume, and they enable Mixer & Pack to produce distinctive and creative fragrances and cosmetics in any texture or format. When the product is finished, one of its 4 manufacturing facilities outfitted with the most cutting-edge Lean Manufacturing technology packages the perfume or cosmetic.


Mixer provides its clients with the most cutting-edge technology for the production of MDD fragrances and fragrances from other companies, as well as a comprehensive process of quality and optimization throughout the entire manufacturing process. With over 113 million packaged units, the company has a large production capability of perfumery for third parties. There is a huge variety of products, textures, and formats covered.


The product is prepared for packaging in Mixer’s various packaging and handling lines after the production process (processing), maceration, cooling, filtration, and coloring of the perfume.


Phases that are crucial for the final creation of the perfume, where the elements work together to create a distinctive fragrance that will eventually identify each brand’s personality and philosophy.

To manufacture hydro-alcohols, Mixer & Pack has more than 150 stainless steel tanks, ranging in size from 250 to 20,000 liters.

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