The Minister of Economics and Companies, Nadia Calviño, together with the Chairman of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuerva, have recognised Mixer &Pack’s on-going effort and performance in energy savings, sustainability and care for the environment.

Mixer & Pack (Meco, Madrid) November 2019

CEPYME has applauded our strong corporate strategy marked by actions to save energy, reduce emissions and care for the environment carried out by Mixer & Pack as the main goal of our perfumery and cosmetics design, development, manufacturing and packaging activities. As such, we have received from CEPYME’s award on “Energy Effiiency and Sustainability”.


The Spanish prestigious awards acknowledge the value and effort of small and medium companies, supporting 75% of the Spanish business spectre. In the “Energy efficiency and Sustainability” category the award highlights the significant work and effort by Mixer & Pack implementing energy efficiency measures.

Following the opinion of the jury chaired by HRM the King and HRM the Queen, the award was handed to Mixer & Pack by the acting Minister of Economics and Companies, Nadia Calviño, the General Manager-Marketing of Endesa, Javier Uriarte, and Gerardo Cuerva, Chairman of CEPYME.

In words of Agustín Gómez Loeches, Member of the Board and son of the Mixer & Pack founders ¨We are really proud of this award, the result of a great work carried out by our team, which gives us strength and motivates us to keep on following the path towards on-going improvement. Making matters such as sustainable future visible to the society is one of our company’s main goal and core values. ¨

Mixer & Pack took its first steps more than 25 years ago as a result of the commitment to quality handmade high perfumery. Today it has evolved and become the most state-of-the-art innovating perfumery and cosmetics manufacturer in Spain.

This award implies positioning and strengthening Mixer & Pack’s leadership in quality and good manufacturing prices. Our willingness to keep providing the best service to customers and suppliers stands out, notwithstanding our commitment to do so while building a better world.

Mixer & Pack for more than 4 years has been involved in a strategic plan based on savings, energy efficiency and care for the environment. It has taken part in the renown STEEEP (Support & Training for an excellent Energy Efficiency Performance) project, managed by the Eurochamber, and has become a business example at European level. The outcome turned this perfumery and cosmetics manufacturer in one of Europe’s biggest success stories, where there are only two Spanish companies and more into particular only one beauty company.

The continuous implementation of improvements and actions focused on saving energy and internal awareness campaigns enabled Mixer & Pack to be granted the ISO 500001:2011 certification. This worldwide energy certification guarantees there is an optimised system, efficient and conscious use of energy and resources at Mixer & Pack.

Due to the measures adopted as part as the implementation of the ISO standard, Mixer & Pack in the last year has attained savings amounting to approximately €10,000 resulting from reducing energy consumption in 96,398 KWh, equivalent to releasing 3,4679.16 Tn of CO2 less to the atmosphere. Thus, the new certificate allows us a better management of energy assets released to the atmosphere, contributing to reducing our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas effect.

According to Javier Palacios, Manufacturing Director at Mixer & Pack, ¨ this process should consist on on-going improvement. For this reason, we have implemented an “energy committee” whose main aim is to keep an eye on improvement and training throughout the company by sensitising and raising awareness on the use of energy efficiency. ¨

In the immediate future, Mixer & Pack has planned the construction of a new manufacturing centre in 2021 equipped with modern 4.0 industry technologies, as well as using even more efficient energy.


About Mixer & Pack S.L.:

Mixer was founded in 1994 in the Meco municipality (Madrid) by Rodolfo Gómez de Vargas, who after serving as high management for cosmetics multinationals decided to build a factory for third-party cosmetic products: with the most advanced technology, novel and agile processes and with the concept of quality integrated into the whole manufacturing process.

Today, Mixer has become an important perfumery and cosmetics partner for the most prestigious fashion and cosmetics national and international brands, developing, formulating, and packaging many different types of perfumery and cosmetics products for any category, with any texture, for all type of needs, and in all possible packaging formats.

Mixer already boasts a large perfumery and cosmetics factory (Madrid) with capacity for manufacturing and packaging 113 million units per year, which thanks to its Regulatory Affairs department, are present in more than 120 countries on all five continents.

Mixer is also a member of Stanpa (Spanish acronym for National Association of Spanish Perfumery and Cosmetics), is a patron of the Academia de Perfume Foundation, has just joined the Cre100do program, and was a recent finalist in the National Fashion Industry Prizes and Cepyme Awards.


About CEPYME awards:

The prestigious CEPYME awards recognise the value and effort of SMEs, consisting of 75% of the business scenario in Spain, with the goal of promoting the social recognition of businesspeople and spread their work at the service of society.

In their 6th edition, the awards have acquired a more professional and prestigious notoriety thanks to its drive to socially recognise the figure of businesspeople, as well as disclosing their contribution to economic, social and employment progress.

The echo these renowned awards have may help SMEs reinforce their corporate image and exponentially increase their visibility, strengthening their image in face of their main stakeholders, but more specially presenting new ones. Said visibility, especially in matters as significant to society as a sustainable future, becomes the goal that follows a job well-done. Not only   it is important to do things well, but it is essential to know how to do so.