Technical Support

Quality and Security Support

Quality is our core premise throughout the whole manufacturing process The perfumes and cosmetics developed and produced at Mixer&Pack adhere to the strictest and most thorough industry quality standards. Mixer&Pack includes the quality policy as one of its worldwide strategic policies because it considers quality as a crucial component to achieving the highest degree of competitiveness in the design, development, manufacture, packaging, and commercialization of perfumery and cosmetic products.

Controls and Tests

· Controls over the stability and compatibility of product ingredients and components. · Conducting an external dermatological examination while maintaining the highest level of objectivity, morality, and product safety. · Toxicology examination. · Ingredient and packaging component reception control. · Quality testing on the product’s final handling, packaging, and maceration. · Implementation. · System of traceability.

Quality Management Models

We ensure that our products and services meet the satisfaction that our clients demand by creating strategic plans and objectives that are in line with their requirements. We optimize the performance of the processes, pledging to continuously enhance their efficacy through our management system. We support an atmosphere that encourages of ermployee participation, growth, and training. We promise that our cosmetic products are safe and pledge to abide by all applicable laws as well as any additional requirements that we voluntarily adopt. We work together with as many different organizations as required in order to enhance the services offered.

International Certifications for Safety and Quality


We collaborate with the most skilled and well-known suppliers in the market to give our customers a final product that is ready for commercialization and marketing while also offering the most recent trends in package creation and design.