Trends: Coquette style

Have you heard of the coquette style? We tell you what it refers to in the fashion industry and how you can start applying it to your perfume line.

What is the Coquette style?

The hyper-feminine aesthetic has become a favourite of Generation Z, who share their best combinations and outfits on social media. Coquette means coquette and this aesthetic has its origins centuries ago and is much more than a feminine trend.

How to wear the coquette style?

As stylist Marisa Ledford described it in People: “A hyper-feminine style, which references the Victorian Regency era and in which baby doll dresses, ruffles, bows and pastel colours are the distinctive elements”.

The trend that bears his name is characterised by the romantic, feminine and even slightly childish.

The members of this urban tribe – mostly Generation Z – look to stars such as Lana del Rey and Taylor Swift as stylistic references. They are fans of Lily-Rose Depp or Ariana Grande’s looks on the red carpet; and among their favourite series of the moment there is no shortage of The Bridgertons.

coquette style

Coquette in catwalk

The brand headed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons interprets one of the trends most loved by generation Z and comes out triumphant. Prada has wanted to cater to the desires of the new generations in its autumn-winter 2024/2025 collection.

  • Fashion brands such as Rodarte, in its spring-summer 2024 collection inspired by a flower garden and 1930s silhouettes.
  • Simone Rocha for the same season with big bows, lace, tulle and flowers as the main protagonists of her collection and in her proposal for both women and men.

Succeed with Coquette style

The coquette style is characterised by naughty, playful and innocent combinations of clothes and accessories in pink and pastel colours.

Trend has even reached the world of beauty, with a form of make-up that transfers these doll-like canons to rosy cheeks, subtle pink lips and eyeliner that accentuates the slanted look and that finds some of its most current references in Lily Rose Depp or Anya Taylor-Joy. One of the representatives of this trend at TikTok, Kellen Becket, explained this trend in Nylon: “Being feminine and embracing that femininity was frowned upon in the past. But now we are enjoying this era of hyper-femininity thanks to trends like Y2K and Barbiecore”.

Blusher: Key point

Although this trend is a whole as a whole, the most important step without which it could not be considered coquette make-up is the blusher. The difference with other trends is that this one uses an excess of product right on the cheeks.

Coquette is a fresh and youthful style that fuses the romantic, the feminine and the innovative, combining vintage elements with a touch of modernity. Seductive, sexy and daring.

It’s not surprising that the recent boom in coquette aesthetic comes after the influence that Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has had on the way we consume. In recent years, nostalgia has not ceased to be the main theme of fashion and with it comes the memories of childhood and the need to resort to them as a balm to heal.

The rise of the coquette style may be a call for a return to a sensitive, tender and even cheesy femininity. In the era in which the power suit is the uniform par excellence, it seems necessary to ask for a place for all those girly girls.

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