The designer, developer and manufacturer of perfumery for private label joins the General Assembly of the innovation hub due to its expertise in the most advanced manufacturing and production processes.

June 11th 2024 (Cabanillas del Campo, Guadalajara).

The turnkey manufacturer of perfumes and home fragrances for third parties announces its recent incorporation to the board of Feeling Innovation by STANPA, Spain’s innovation hub for perfumery, cosmetics and make-up. This new project underlines Mixer&Pack’s continued commitment to its fundamental pillars of innovation and sustainability in the industry.

Mixer & Pack, a leader in the European perfumery sector, has become member of the Board of the General Assembly of “Feeling Innovation” (Stanpa). This reaffirms the private label perfumery developer’s continued commitment to innovation and sustainability and will allow Mixer & Pack to actively contribute to strategic decisions that will influence the future of the perfumery sector, strengthening its position as a benchmark in the industry.

“Feeling Innovation” aims to promote and drive innovation in the perfume and cosmetics sector by accelerating its green and digital transformation. Feeling Innovation refers to the creation of products, services or experiences that are not only novel or technologically advanced, but also generate a positive emotional response in users. Innovation is not only technical, but also sensory and emotional, seeking to connect with people’s feelings. This objective is aligned with perfume manufacturer mission to develop fragrances that not only meet quality and functionality standards but are also capable of evoking emotions and sensations in consumers.

In words of Agustin Gomez Loeches, President of Mixer & Pack: ‘We are very proud to be part of Feeling Innovation, because for Mixer & Pack innovation has always been part of its DNA and today it is one of the pillars that support the company’s values, together with sustainability, people and service quality.

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