The designer, developer and manufacturer of home care for third parties celebrates the first anniversary of collaboration with ILUNION, the most important company in the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce.

20th of May 2024 (Cabanillas del Campo, España).

Mixer & Pack, leader in the design, develop and manufacture of perfumery for private label, celebrates a year from the agreement´s signature of collaboration with ILUNION in the aspect of including people with disabilities in the workforce. Between 150 and 200 ILUNION workers, 90% of them with disabilities, make packaging, cellophane wrapping and RFID coding of their products activities in Mixer & Pack facilities.

In this way, the Spanish perfumery developer and ILUNION began its collaboration, ensuring a smooth start-up of processes and efficient knowledge transfer, as well as best practices. ILUNION, at the same time, has its own manufacturing place in Mixer&Pack facilities, together with some other parts of the company to the use of their workers.

In words of Agustín Gómez Loeches, President of Mixer & Pack: “This collaboration strengths one more time the social commitment that Mixer&Pack has with most immediate environment and remains true to the values and imprint that my father left in the company’s DNA, giving importance and stablishing the focus not only on what is it done, but how is it done.

For the general director of ILUNION Facility Services, Jaime Calzado, “it´s a satisfaction for us that Mixer&Pack has trust a part of business activities in a company like ours, that values the work and professionality of people with disabilities and strengths the social bet of their clients and interest groups”.

The perfumery manufacturer for third brands continues consolidating its position as a reference in the perfumery industry, maintaining its focus in the operative excellence, the product quality and the client’s satisfaction, as well as in its four main pillars: innovation, services, sustainability and people. Clue of that is the award they received in 2022 from Cruz Roja Española in the inclusion category.

Mixer & Pack strengths its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, as a main pillar of its DNA, after the agreement that began 1 year ago with ILUNION, that supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce. As well, they signed another agreement in 2020 with Cruz Roja to facilitate the inclusion of people with risks of social exclusion in the workforce and has subscribed an Alliance with the CEOE Foundation to give professional opportunities to people with poverty risks.

In the picture: ILUNION workers in Mixer & Pack facilities.