Provocative Packaging: Sensual scents

What experience embodies moments of intimacy and connection? The sense of smell. Did you know that the sense of smell is the most emotional of all? It is the only sense that is in direct contact with what we call the emotional brain and therefore, as the Perfume Academy points out, it also plays a fundamental role in the process of falling in love because pheromones, hormones related to attraction and pleasure, are very easily detected through the nose.

provocative packaging
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Provocative Packaging Concept

  • Conceptual and sometimes controversial, aesthetics will push the limits of beauty.
  • Brands will use the designs to make ironic statements about the content.
  • This packaging trend is for skin care, fragrances, bath and body and colour cosmetics.
  • The growing importance of sexual wellness in beauty and how this category is evolving to reach more diverse audiences.

The sexual wellness market is worth $37.19 billion in 2023 (Statista). Retailers are driving growth around the world, with department stores such as Walmart, Target, Sephora and Ulta in the US, and Boots (UK), David Jones (Australia), Galeries Layette (France) and Watsons in Southeast Asia, all of them with sexual wellness products. The online sex shop Lovehoney has also opened a shop in the metaverse

provocative packaging
Source: Pinterest
  • Intimate support: products that closely address uncomfortable sexual difficulties and experiences.
  • Sexual sensitivity: brands use their platforms to educate and promote safe and healthy sex as younger consumers begin to redefine intimacy.
  • Skinification of sex: sophisticated and environmentally friendly formulations that meet the needs of consumers.
  • Overcoming limits, respect borders: Sexual wellness brands emerge from traditionally conservative regions.

Prioritise emotions and experiences

Try unexpected scents associated with sensual emotions and experiences. Be inspired by the memories, nostalgia or sexual pleasure that transport users.

  • KEY CONSUMER: Women, and increasingly men. Popular with Generation Z and younger millennials. Growing interest among older millennials, Generation X and Boomers.
  • KEY MARKET: Mature trend in UK, US and EU, but reaching new audiences. Strong growth in APAC. Emerging in Africa and LATAM

Opportunity. As sexual wellness moves into the beauty sphere, brands and companies that take a holistic approach to self-care are well positioned to expand their offerings into this category.

Seasonal fragrances to give as gifts

Translate sensual gift scents based on seasonal essences, such as spicy florals for spring and summer, winter citrus for the winter holidays and gothic notes like leather for autumn.

World Colour Forecast O/I 25/26. In an age of rage and uncertainty, Cherry Lacquer embodies a form of radical escapism and selfempowerment. It also has a seductive quality that reaches into our deepest and darkest desires, taboos and pleasures as a form of radical escapism and selfaffirmation. In fashion, Cherry Lacquer should be used as a subversive and impactful colour in multiple product categories. It will be suitable for men’s, women’s and youth fashion, and can be applied to outerwear, footwear, accessories and occasion wear #SubversiveSexy.

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Luxury the elevation of sexual well-being

As the concept of pleasure with purpose takes hold, the pursuit of pleasure will take on a luxurious tone. Consumers will invest in products that offer style and substance, and revel in the hedonistic rituals offered by sexual wellness products..

Creating the perfect atmosphere

The special touch will be the scent you give to that moment to transform any space into a romantic corner. The interesting thing about fragrances is that not only can you impregnate your skin with a sensual scent, but you can also set the mood in your home or a space of your choice with a hedonistic scent. Some such as amber or jasmine can be an excellent choice.

provocative packaging

Aroma and sensuality

Academician Nuria Cruelles associates sensuality with gourmand notes (vanilla) and woody notes (cedar, sandalwood, vetiver…). “These families and ingredients, as well as sensuality, give warmth to the compositions and bring well-being, comfort and pleasantness”.

Notes: Sweat, sex, blood, musk, leather, wood, salt, jasmine, spices, vanilla and amber. Olfactory family: Woody, Amber.

Sensual scents will appeal to consumers who want to make an impression and establish intimate connections. Interest in the search for “pheromones” grew by 184% worldwide in the last 24 months. #PheromonePerfume has registered more than 278 million views on TikTok.

If you are interested in learning more about the latest trends in perfumery or want to recreate a perfume for your brand following the provocative trend, do not hesitate to contact us.