The perfumery and home fragrances designer, developer and manufacturer for third parties becomes the first company in the Spanish- beauty industry to implement virtual mixed reality in its facilities.

26th of April 2024 (Cabanillas del Campo, Guadalajara)

The integration of artificial intelligence new systems with mixed reality tools in Mixer & Pack make this project a previously non-existent reality in the perfumery manufacturing for third parties in Europe, positioning the beauty sector, together with the Spanish industry and Made in Spain at the forefront of new intelligent production methods.

Mixer & Pack has incorporated in its facilities the virtual mixed reality collaborating the company EQM, through the implementation of “Dynamic 365” and “Dynamic 365 Remote Assist” programs, which allow improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of maintenance activities, together with support and training on the use of the tool.

The objective of this project is to make the perfumery designer, developer and manufacturer for third parties the leader in industry 4.0 and innovation inside the beauty sector in Europe, betting for disruption, sustainability and employees training. Although, the aim is to exploit the full potential of the platform together with “Microsoft HoloLens” hardware, to be able to maximize the development of digitalization and communication with external agents that Mixer&Pack works with.

The challenges that have driven the perfumery developer for private label to include this so disruptive technology on its productive chain and on the rest of its business activities, are focused on employees training and the continuous quest for innovation, as one of the main pillars that define them.

In words of the operations director of Mixer & Pack, Lorenzo García: “We implement this tool because we believe that we can be more effective and efficient. Bet for innovation can provide us with a technological proposal that helps us to become one of the sector leaders in Europe in this aspect”.

With the implementation of this technology, some “high performance” groups have been created to train employees though simulations with mixed reality glasses to solve possible problems in an easier way; enabling remote control assistance and merging virtual and real elements in the same environment, taking advantage of the benefits of “connected manufacturing”.

Although, the perfumes and home care manufacturer has incorporated the artificial intelligence in other areas of the company, as purchases, sales, logistics, finances, and other general operations to give their employees a training and improvement tool focused on company ́s growth.

An employee of a “high performance” group of Mixer & Pack.