The designer, developer and manufacturer of perfumery and home care for third parties has obtained 2 new certifications about energy and environmental management, together with the renovation of the certifications referred to quality management systems and good manufacturing practices.

9th of May 2024 (Cabanillas del Campo, Guadalajara)

The acquisition of the new certifications ISO 14001, referred to Environmental Management, and ISO 50001, about Energy Policies and Management, in addition to the renovation of the certifications ISO 9001, referred to Quality Management Systems, and ISO 22716, about Good Manufacturing Practices, confirm the commitment of Mixer & Pack with the environment, job quality and perfumes creation process.

The perfumes developer for private label has obtained the certifications from two new ISO regulations, the 14001 and the 50001, that are referred to the Environmental Management and Energy Policies and Management respectively. Thanks to that, the offer brands that are launching a perfume in the market information about their commitment with sustainability, defined as a main pillar in their business activity.

Likewise, the achievement of this certifications reflects other benefits for the b2b perfumery manufacturer, as the higher accomplishment levels of environmental regulations and the application of more efficient practices in the resources and energy utilization, as well as the rationalization regarding its use.

Together with the obtention of these two certifications, the perfumes manufacturer for third brands has renovated the certificate of ISO 9001 regulation, which reflects the principles about Quality Management Systems, and ISO 22716 regulation, that refers to Good Manufacturing Practices, guaranteeing a strict quality process and an integral security applied to each and every phase that give live to a fragrance.

In this way, Mixer&Pack ratifies its competitiveness and reputation in the market, ensuring the security of the users and the compliance with the products of the specifications that the interested parts and legal bases require. These certifications endorse the actuation methods in the perfumery and home care production of the cosmetics developer for private label and confirm their client´s satisfaction.

In words of the Quality and Environmental Management manager of Mixer & Pack, Javier Estríngana: “To know what our significant environmental aspects and associated impacts are, helps us to stablish actions to protect the environmental impact”.

ISO 14001 AND 50001
Mixer & Pack facilities.