In line with an unstoppable international market where Spain is consolidated as the 2nd world exporter of perfumes, the leader in the manufacture and development of perfumery for third parties grows + 28% and reaches the 55 Million euros during 2018.

Mixer & Pack (Meco, Madrid) August 2019.

Mixer & Pack exceeds its billing record in the 2018 reaching a turnover of 55 million euros corresponding to an extraordinary growth of + 28% over the previous year. These results strengthen the international leadership of the company in design, development, manufacture and packaging of perfumery and cosmetics for third brands.

The year 2018 has been an exceptional period for the manufacturer and developer of perfumery, as well as for the Spanish market.

The latest data published by Stanpa (National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics) recorded new record exports that reached € 4,260 Million, consolidating to Spain the second largest exporter of perfumes, only lagging behind France but ahead of Germany and the United States.

In line with these results, the tactics set up in the organizational strategy of the same period by Mixer & Pack, have allowed it to contribute actively to the national exports, maintain its position leading in the national and international market, and promoting the growth of the spanish economy.

In its devised strategy, the developer, manufacturer and packer of perfumery for third brands, has continued to strengthen its internationalization model set up since 2016. Its main drivers of growth and productivity increase, have been the implementation of Lean Manufacturing Technology, a continuous advance towards Industry 4.0, and a strong empowerment of corporate culture.

In its strong strategy, the implementation of new dynamics and flows in the organization has also played a fundamental role, focused on improving and optimization of all its production processes.

During the last fiscal year, the company has invested more than 134,600 euros in the optimization of its production processes, improving its competitiveness position and providing a qualitative service to its customers.

At the end of 2018, the manufacturer and developer for third brands passed successfully the implementation of an Energy Management System in the ISO 50001 standard. This International Certification par excellence on Energy Saving and Sustainability, allows Mixer & Pack to carry out a responsible production in line with the social demands related to climate change, as well as sustainable development for the most stringent customers and suppliers worldwide.

To be able to serve its customers during the successful year 2018, the company extended its workday to a third shift in both warehouses and manufacturing areas, and invested in new jobs for all its highly strategic departments. In the last year, the company opted for internal promotion plans, increasing its workforce from 236 people to 271.

In May 2018 Mixer & Pack acquired a new land worth 3.7 million euros to continue strengthening its position and remain at the height of a demanding and constantly growing cosmetic sector. The creation of this new production center of more than 38,000 square meters, exceeds an investment of more than 25 million euros, and is scheduled to be launched in early 2021.

On the other hand, the company has boosted its brand image, carrying out a strong presence both in the media of the sector, as well as in the specialized and generalist.

The manufacturer and developer of perfumes and cosmetics has been present at the most important international fairs in the sector, discovering and sharing new knowledge about the latest trends in the perfume and beauty market.

This good progress and presence carried out by the perfumery developer during the last years, has allowed it to be part of high business transformation programs, as well as its incorporation into important entities in which the culture and prestige of the perfume is encouraged ( Became a Member of the Spanish Perfume Academy) and recognition by entities and associations that reward the success and development of companies (Finalist in National Fashion Award and CEPYME National Award in the category ¨ Energy saving and Sustainability¨ for the second year running).

In November 2018, Mixer & Pack became a part of the exclusive list of companies that make up ´Cre100do´; a country-program launched by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, ICEX and the Businessmen’s Circle, to carry out high-impact business practices with the aim of promoting the Spanish middle market as a fundamental segment for the economy and employment.

The good dynamics by Mixer & Pack is reflected in the spectacular results of the 2018 closing sector, where the consumption of perfumes represents 20% of thetotal of Spanish beauty industry, billing a total of € 1,183.70 MM during the 2018 year according to Stanpa (National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics).


According to Juan Mediavilla, General Manager of Mixer & Pack ¨we are feeling really proud to contribute to the Spanish economy through the manufacture of perfumes and becoming part of the consolidation of our country as the 2nd world exporter of perfumery. ¨