The city Council of Cabanillas del Campo gives as gift and symbol its flag to Mixer & Pack for its new production plant.


July, 2021 (Cabanillas del Campo, Guadalajara)


Mixer & Pack starts its activity in the new perfumery and cosmetics contract manufacturing plant located in Cabanillas del Campo; one of the main logistics centers nationwide. Coinciding with its production starting, the company was visited by Mr. Luis Blanco Herranz, First Deputy Mayor of Cabanillas del Campo, who delivered the local flag with part of his team; Mr. Aitor Delgado Silvestre, Third Deputy Mayor, Ms. Abigail Cordero Gaviño Councilor for Equality and Employment and Laura Romera Vega, Employment Technician of the Cabanillas del Campo City Council.


The new production plant projected as one of the main point of creation and production of perfumery in Europe due to the improvement of efficiency, competitiveness and new flows of the processes and services provided to its customers.

In an increasingly competitive and demanding sector, where innovation and continuous improvement are key elements for companies to suit to new consumer needs, Mixer&Pack’s new facilities have innovatively agile, technological processes and Industry 4.0. hyperconnectivity.

With an investment of more than 25 million euros, the increase in its capacity exceeds 38,000 m2, and has been projected with the aim of guaranteeing sustainable growth, as well to provide continuing the quality and safety requirements demanded by its customers through the:

  • Logistics capacit increasing.
  • Optimization of production and finished product flows.
  • Integral improvement of production and quality processes an policies.
  • Acquisition of new areas designed for future extensions.
  • Modernization of existing facilities and processes.


This project is a strategic step that allows Mixer & Pack to continue adapting to the demands required in the industrialisation of global fragrance and cosmetic projects; providing both with the latest innovation, agility and quality in the production chain.

In these new facilities Mixer & Pack will continue with the entire perfumery production that     currently reaching more than 120 countries through its clients with a worldwide presence. The new plant will take place the entire process: from the begin of creative and branding ideas, their olfactory adaptation, the development of packaging, the formulation, maceration, processing to packaging of fragrances.

The new location places Mixer & Pack in one of the greatest strategic points at a logistical and industrial area. Currently the SI-20 acts as a central point of national and international supply, as well as a distribution center to main cities in the downtown area.

According to Juan Mediavilla, General Director of Mixer & Pack, ¨ The improvements implemented in the new plant allow Mixer & Pack to consolidate its leadership position at a national and international strategic level, as well to continue with its internationalization strategy implemented in the last 4 years¨

Despite the impact of the pandemic at cosmetic and fragrance sector, the trade balance continues to be positive since 2006 with a net balance of € 1,156 million and a coverage of 140%, where Spanish beauty exports continue to be located by above emblematic sectors such as wine or olive oil.

Exports of perfumes and cosmetics have managed to recover throughout 2020 after the break in March and April, reaching similar levels to those of a year ago with 90% of the value exported in 2019. In 2020 the growth of exports reached € 3,994.79 million.

In this context, Mixer & Pack production new center is projected as a key point in the creation of perfumery and cosmetics for third-party brands with worldwide reach.