Emiliano García Page opens the new Mixer & Pack perfumery plant in Cabanillas del Campo: local, provincial, regional and national authorities and institutions today open the new Mixer & Pack perfumery and cosmetics plant in the SI-20 Industrial Estate.

4 October 2021 (Opening Event New Mixer & Pack Plant in Cabanillas del Campo)

On the anniversary of its foundation 27 years ago, the designer, developer and manufacturer of perfumery and cosmetics for third-party brands Mixer & Pack today opens its new production plant in Cabanillas del Campo.


The event has been given major institutional weight thanks to the participation of authorities from the local to the national level: the President of JCCM, Emiliano García-Page, the Mayor of the town, José García Salinas, the Secretary-General of Trade and Industry, Raül White, and the Minister for the Economy, Business and Employment, Patricia Franco, along with the President of the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, Pablo Bellido Acevedo, and the President of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara, José Luis Vega-Pérez, as well as María Soledad García, President of Guadalajara CEOE/CEPYME, and Val Díez, Director-General of STANPA.

In an emotional speech of welcome and thanks to those present which recalled how the family company was founded 27 years ago, Agustín Gómez Loeches, son of the founders and representative of the property, wanted to highlight “The intent of Mixer & Pack to want to change its ecosystem and immediate environment through quality, innovation, industry 4.0, employment, inclusion, sustainability, commitment and excellence”.


Autoridades en Inauguración fabrica de perfumes y cosméticos

Subsequently José García Salinas, Mayor of Cabanillas del Campo and Pablo Bellido, President of the Cortes of Castilla la Mancha, celebrated the interest and subsequent execution of the Mixer & Pack works and plant in Cabanillas del Campo and Castilla La Mancha.

In addition, Raül Blanco, Secretary-General of Industry and SMEs, highlighted the relevance of Mixer & Pack in a sector that is one of the main exporters in the economy of our country, and stressed in his speech the excellence and leadership of Mixer & Pack in the perfumery sector “the founders of this company would be very proud of this project because the investment and all the technological and human effort behind it is impressive. ¨We are undoubtedly looking at one of the leading companies in our country in the field of perfumery and cosmetics. Given the importance that this sector has in our economy, its opening will bring us much happiness¨.

Likewise, the Secretary concluded with the support and gratitude of the Spanish government for the opening of this new perfumery plant “From the government of Spain we want to give every support being sure that this is a success story as it has been so far throughout its history”.

For his part, the President of Castilla La Mancha, Emiliano García Page highlighted the pride he felt to have in his region an engine of growth in the economy as positive as Mixer & Pack, and celebrated the arrival of Mixer & Pack in Castilla La Mancha thanks to its proximity to the Community of Madrid. “It is very important to know that companies that have family roots have the strength that families have and have the strength to be a professional team that expands perspectives.”

In his speech, the president of the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, Pablo Bellido, thanked the company’s commitment to development in Cabanillas del Campo. “This is possible because Mixer is a nonconformist company, a family business that has had to move forward with a lot of effort and that today becomes an international reference for its need to continue growing,” he said.

The mayor of Cabanillas, José García, showed his “double satisfaction” with the opening of a “special factory, which has been supportive in the worst moments”, referring to its leadership in the service of hydroalcoholic products for the Spanish Ministry of Health during the Covid-19 pandemic.  A company that is a “leader in its sector” and that creates “a lot of wealth” in the territory and is setting up a “magnificent project” in one of the” national logistical hubs”, he continued.

The opening of the plant was made official with the unveiling of a plaque by Emiliano García Page with the mayor of the town, José Salinas, and Rodolfo, Gregorio, Carolina and Agustín Gómez, members of the Board of Directors and owners.

The event continued with a guided tour of the new facilities equipped with the latest 4.0 technology, innovative flexible processes, and innovative equipment that allow the development of perfumery for third-party brands projects in an flexible way and always applying one of the most important premises that define the working methodology of Mixer & Pack: the quality of the final product.