The Ministry of Industry recognizes Mixer & Pack’s support in the creation, development and strengthening of the Fashion Industry in Spain, granting it the Award for the Best Fashion Accessories Industry.

The Ministry of Industry awards the Best Fashion Accessories or Accessories Industry Award to Mixer & Pack: the Spanish benchmark in the development, design and manufacture of perfumery and cosmetics, who currently manufactures from the most exclusive Spanish luxury brands to important firms of the national retail with the greatest global presence.

The National Awards for the Fashion Industry awards reach their 6th Edition in 2020,  and were been created with the aim of recognising the work of individuals, institutions, organisations, businesses and industries that have achieved excellence in the fashion industry.

This concept of excellence includes the quality, sustainability, respect for the environment, internationalization, orientation towards results and the client, leadership, processes, continuous improvements, innovation, digitization and social responsibility carried out by the winner.

These awards consolidates Mixer & Pack´s leaderships in the perfumery sector thanks to a trajectory of more tan than 25 years in the creation of cosmetic and perfumery products capables of democratizing fashion firms and build customer loyalty through olfactory memory.

Fulfilling the objectives of these awards wich were founded in 2013, Mixer & Pack’s activity in the Fashion industry recognizes through the manufacture of Perfumery and Cosmetics:

  • The contribution of the Spanish Fashion Industry Sector to our economy, both endorsing its prestige and creativity, its adaptation to the market, its capacity for innovation, its internationalization, its commercialization or its communication and that, this way, they help the “Marca España”.
  • The support for the development and strengthening of the Fashion Industry in Spain as part of the strategy and business creation and development initiatives.

The awards were presented to the winners by Her Majesty the Queen, Letizia Ortiz, together with the Secretary General for Industry and SMEs in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Mr. Raül Blanco, and the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto. The rest of the winners of this VI edition were:

  • Honorary Award to the Large Company: BIMBA & LOLA
  • Honorary Award for Fashion Designer: CUSTO DALMAU
  • Innovative Entrepreneurship Award: PISAMONAS
  • Header Industry Award: HILATURAS FERRÉ
  • Award for the best Footwear Industry: MILA Y PEDRO GARCIA
  • Award for the best Textile and Clothing Industry: THE EXTREME COLLECTION
  • Promotion Award in the Fashion Industry: CENTRO UNIVERSITARIO VILLANUEVA

According to Raúl Blanco, – Secretary General of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises ¨… these awards encourage the development of this important economic activity, and contribute to its growth, competitiveness and increase in its weight in the GDP as a whole¨.

Prior to the award ceremony, a round table was organised and led by  Raül Blanco Díaz,  where key personalities in the Fashion Industry such as Mr. Agustín Gómez Loeches. – Member of the Management Board of Mixer & Pack, Mr. Ángel Custodio Dalmau Salmons. – Designer and owner of Custo Barcelona and Ms. Paloma Díaz Soloaga. – Honorary Director at Communication and Fashion Management. All of them gave their vision about the  impact of the Covid19 health crisis in fashion industry.

As participants in the promotion and prestige of the ¨Spain Brand¨: ¨From Mixer & Pack we are proud to have a business network in Spain capable of adapting, reconverting, and re-merging into a social and ethical industry that has clearly shown itself to be at the service of the society, as has been demonstrated these hardest periods¨  – indicated during the event Agustín Gómez Loeches, Member of the Management Board of Mixer & Pack.

¨The social effects that we are experiencing with the decline in demand of beauty and fashion products show us the importance of strenghten the confidence and consumer habits with products that promote or renew that consumption throught the opening of new markets¨.  – According to Agustin G.L. ¨In case of Mixer & Pack, the manufacture of hand sanitizer for numerous fashion firms has already become a basic activity of their daily production lines.

During the round table, he continued to point ¨ the concept of the perfumery and cosmetics industry in Spain was and is being a leading Industry in the fight against Covid19 through the adaptation of numerous industries that we have seen how they have reacted in an extraordinary way to supplying the society with hydroalcoholic gels for the daily care and cleaning of their hands, as was our case ”- Agustín Gómez Loeches.

Due to the high and urgent need and demand for Hydroalcoholic Solutions and Gels since the beginning of the pandemic, Mixer & Pack was one of the companies that collaborated closely with the Spanish Ministry of Industry, in order to offer its productive capacity, production lines and a human team to satisfy the need for said products to protect the Spanish medical and health team and the armed forces. The result of this was to become one of the 6 providers authorized by the AEMPS (Spanish Medicines and Medical Products Agency) to provide the Spanish Ministry of Health.

In addition, the recent launch of Mixer & Pack to FMCG and Pharmacy market ofthe  high efficiency hydroalcoholic solutions that protect and clean the Ministry of Health´s hands, is a factor contribuiting to de spanish economy.

Due to the current pandemic situation, the ceremony was affected by a capacity limitation and was video streaming on Ministry’s YouTube Channel.

To ensure the safety and protection of the guests at the ceremony, all participants were given Dermomix hand sanitizers, along with Béjar masks as safety measures.