Millennials and their concern for the origin of raw materials as well as the processes prior to the commercialization of a product have awakened in Mixer the interest of “opening up to networks” betting on a much closer, dynamic and friendly web and opening an account on Instagram.

Mixer & Pack (MECO, MADRID) April 9th.

With the aim of becoming the main speaker of the perfumery and cosmetics industry in Spain for consumers, customers and the press, Mixer has renewed its digital image with a web (www.mixerpack.es) much closer, more explanatory, practical and betting on a sophisticated and elegant Instagram account (@MixerandPack) as the main social network to transmit brand and sector values.

The Millennial movement, as well as more and more the rest of society, praises a consumer concerned about the origin of the raw material as well as the processes prior to the commercialization of a product. It is therefore a logical step that Mixer & Pack, in its objective to become a speaker of the sector in the manufacturing environment, begins to dignify a process as beautiful, measured, controlled and handmade as the production of an olfactory work of art.

The “exaltation” of the world of perfumery, beyond the advertising seen by the final consumer, as well as the promotion of social knowledge and the prestige of the Perfume universe, have become an obsession for the Perfumery contract manufacturer since the beginning of 2018: ” More and more the brands of prestigious firms that we manufacture ask us to bring the Press, Influencers, Bloggers, sales force or colleagues from other departments to show them how we make a perfume, so why not do we open ourselves to the rest of the world?” underlines Agustín Gómez, Communication Director of Mixer & Pack.

“Spain is the 4th largest exporter in the world in perfumery and cosmetics (we export more perfumes and cosmetics than wine, oil or shoes), Mixer has reached such size and relevance in the sector that we believe with the social responsibility to act in the education and training of this phase such unknown as manufacturing, maceration and all the stringent tests that the process must have for a correct manufacture, that complies with good work practices and ensures brands, our customers, a product worthy and at the height of its consumer “says Juan Mediavilla, General Manager of Mixer & Pack.