The developer and contract manufacturer of fragrances and cosmetics, after becoming finalist in the national fashion awards, strengthens its link with Spanish fashion by sponsoring the ACME annual report.

MADRID, April 25th.

Confirming the close link between fashion and perfume, the developer and manufacturer of perfumery and cosmetics for third parties after becoming member of the Perfume Academy of Spain and being the only exclusively cosmetic finalist of the national fashion awards has sponsored the report annual results of ACME (Association of Fashion Designers of Spain) in order to continue with the promotion of social knowledge and the prestige of the perfume universe.

Figures from NPD consulting showed some data at the end of the year, although they were known by all, they are quite striking: in the top 20 women’s fragrances most sold in Spain in the selective channel (perfumeries and department stores) 19 were fashion firms, reaching 100% of the top 20 for men’s perfumes; and is that approaching today to buy a perfume is to understand how fashion firms interpret the trends olfactory way for the consumer.

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain, understood these figures and this link allowing Spanish perfume and cosmetics companies to present themselves to the national fashion awards, at which time Mixer became the sole exclusive representative of perfumery and Fashion cosmetics in said contest. From this moment, Mixer understood that Spanish Fashion needs to go hand in hand with perfumery and cosmetics and vice versa.

There are several reasons why in the last decade Spanish fashion firms have decided to start a new line of business and start loyalty to their consumer through smell; from a quantitative point of view it provides an additional figure to the business (many firms have grown during periods of crisis by opening new business routes such as launching a perfume), it is a product of high loyalty to the brand and point of sale and also It allows a controlled democratization to all consumers, but it is actually a qualitative objective by which firms decide to undertake this challenge: perfume helps complete the concept of total look by revaluing the brand: and that is that you can wear a brand but also you can smell to it. It is at this time, when most of the Spanish firms have decided to trust Mixer as a high perfumery developer to launch their perfume, making Mixer the great partner of perfumery in the Fashion sector of Spain.

In the words of Juan Mediavilla, General Manager of Mixer & Pack: “after the great responsibility of becoming a member of the Perfume Academy in Spain, it was absolutely necessary to continue with the stage started last year by