After the formalisation of the purchase by public tender of land in the SI-20 Industrial Polygon in Cabanillas del Campo, the developer and manufacturer of Perfumery and Cosmetics was visited by Patricia Franco, Economies, Business and Employment Advisor for JCCM, with a large portion of her team and the mayor of Cabanillas del Campo, José García Salinas.

13 May, 2019. Meco, MADRID

Economies, Business and Employment Advisor for the Castilla La Mancha Communities Board, Patricia Franco, together with a large portion of her team and the mayor of Cabanillas del Campo, José García Salinas, visited Mixer & Pack yesterday, where they were greeted by the Management Board and Board of Directors on the occasion of the presentation of the project for a new Cosmetics and Perfumery development and production plant for third-party brands, which will be located in Industrial Polygon SI-20 in Cabanillas del Campo.

Mixer & Pack is strongly committed to its new factory in Industrial Polygon SI-20 in Cabanillas del Campo, one of the largest logistics and industrial parks in Spain, after the efforts and subsequent failure to establish the new factory in Meco on its own land (owned by other companies in the group) due to the discovery of “first order” archaeological sites, of the most important kind within the peninsula, and where more than three hundred thousand Euro have been spent of excavations.

Mixer & Pack presented its candidacy to the sale by tender procedure for this parcel at the end of February with an offer of more than 3.7 million Euro. In March, it was approved unanimously by the Municipal Plenary of Cabanillas, after evaluation by the Trading Desk, which considered Mixer & Pack to have forwarded the best of candidacies, and began the process which culminated in the signing of the sale in April before public notary.

This land, of over 38,000 square metres, and classified as IG1-06 in the current Municipal Territorial Plan, is considered ideal due to its location (only 14 km. away from its Meco plant), great connections to the main Spanish arteries, and state of the art structures.

As one of the most relevant manufacturers in the Perfumery and Cosmetics sector for third-party brands at an international level, Mixer & Pack now strengthens its position with a new production centre, living up to an increasingly competitive and demanding cosmetics sector. The new production plant, which would be ready for business in the beginning of 2021, will involve an investment of over 25 million Euro, and will incorporate the latest in technological innovation and the most advanced industrial technology in the implementation of digital processes and hyperconnectivity that is now characteristic of the manufacturing environment of Industry 4.0.

This new strategic decision will allow the company to continue to grow and anticipate high-volume needs for its current projects, as well as activate development of new cosmetics, all of this with the latest in innovation, agility and quality in its supply chains. In addition, with this new production plant, Mixer will contribute to the boosting of the current trends, especially relative to human teams but also to technological and industrial equipment, and to the creation of new jobs in the area, apart from reinforcing its position as a business reference in the Henares Corridor.

In his visit together with Economies, Business and Employment Advisor for JCCM, Patricia Franco, her team, and the mayor of Cabanillas del Campo, José García Salinas, Agustín Gómez Loeches, Board Member of Mixer & Pack told us: 

“Our current situation is the result of the efforts of each and every one of the colleagues who are a part, or have been part, of the Mixer family, and today we talk about Mixer as a worldwide reference in the development and manufacturing of perfumery products. This is an ambitious project, one that excites us, and whose ultimate goal is to reinforce the service and quality that Mixer has provided for 25 years to the most prestigious perfumery firms, and reinforce the Spain brand in the world of perfumery”.

In addition, the Cabanillas del Campo city council has already announced that the money invested by Mixer for the property, incorporated into the 2019 budget, will be used for equity investments. Among other projects, the council plans to build a new building for Local Police and Civil Protection, another for cultural use which would decongest the current Casa de la Cultura, and the extension of bicycle lanes to the El Soto area. These are, no doubt, actions and investments that make Mixer proud, as the firm continues its path of contributing to its closest social circle.

About the SI-20 Industrial Park in Cabanillas del Campo:

The Cabanillas Business Park is developed over the Industrial Sector SI-20 of Cabanillas del Campo in Guadalajara and has a surface of 1,311,596 square metres. Its location in km 51 of A-2 highway gives it a strategic position relative to important urban centres, including Madrid, allowing the logistical or industrial platforms that decide to settle there to act as central axes of national supply, and as distribution centres for the main cities of the central areas.

In regards to its communications, the sector is located in the crossroads of the main transport lines in the area: directly on A-2, 2 km away from R-2, with direct access from N-320 and a good connection to the north-west Guadalajara ringroad. Future connections planned for connecting A-2 highway with A-3 (Alcarria highway), and the splitting of the connection of A-2 with A-1 guarantee the future development of the area as a logistical centre at a national and international levels. Another aspect to highlight is the closeness to other essential services, such as the train station, bus lines, and the Barajas airport, located less than 20 minutes away.

This business park, one of the most modern and innovative logistical and industrial developments in the Henares Corridor, due to its revolutionary design —by areas of activity—, allows firsm to implement and carry out any industrial activity.