Mixer & Pack, designer, developer, and manufacturer of perfumery for private label has recently incorporated an initiative to support its commitment with its employee’s well-being, professional formation, and innovation.

1st of June 2024 (Cabanillas del Campo, Guadalajara)

The Spanish perfumery developer has initiated a collaboration with the company Emocional to encourage the personal attention through the empathic artificial intelligence, with the intention of promoting their commitment with the emotional well-being, which are considered as a main element of the spinal column of the company.

Mixer & Pack, leader in the Europe perfumery sector, has decided to create an alliance with a Spanish start-up to offer to all its employees personalized psychological attention through empathic artificial intelligence and virtual coaches, encouraging then the emotional and psychological well-being, and boosting the mental health of the workers and business and personal formation to the next level.

The perfumes manufacturer for third parties considers the satisfaction and life quality of its employees as a base of its economic activity, reflected on its 4 pillars strategy in the column called people. Mixer & Pack trusts this app will be used as an additional support to its commitment of ensuring the safety and stability of all its team.

In addition, the well-being of the employees of the perfumes manufacturer for third brands is not the only component involved in this initiative, also encouraging the investment in innovation using this technological app, that offers services of personal attention with an innovative nature that helps Mixer & Pack on maintaining at the forefront of the sector.

In this way, all the employees of Mixer & Pack have access to some advice and articles about healthy aspects from day to day, and positive comments published by their teammates. Also, they can have coaches and virtual psychological attention, and a part in the app destinated to the obtention of possible solutions through artificial intelligence to improve their less developed competences and abilities.

In words of Juan Manuel Mosquera, manager of human resources department of Mixer & Pack: “In our constant search for improving our employee’s life quality, we believe that this collaboration could increase the well-being of all the people that form part of the Mixer & Pack team. In this way, our employees Will be able to discover which are their more and less developed abilities, and boost their competencies to a common Benefit, encouraging at the same time the investment and formation on innovation of all the workforce”.

emotional well being
Mixer & Pack workers.