Sustainable perfumery: The world is a beautiful place, let’s take care of it.

sustainable perfume design

Eco is in fashion, and more and more! It is a reality, market trends are leaning towards an increasingly sustainable packaging. Using compostable papers, water-based inks and as little plastic as possible.

What is sustainable design exactly?

Sustainability refers to the responsible use of natural resources so that future generations can also have access to them, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our current and future needs.

The objective of manufacturing this type of packaging is, therefore, to help companies to continue to carry out their commercial activity, while minimizing the impact they have on the environment.

What is packaging with sustainable design?

By decorating your sustainable packaging with a sustainable design, you will further reduce your environmental impact on the planet.

People are increasingly concerned about the environment and the role of brands in its conservation. Consumers are looking for and trusting environmentally responsible brands. Perfumery brands have accelerated their move toward the circular economy to satisfy a consumer. Dare to be part of the change!

The Gen-Z generation prioritizes brands that rely on sustainability. This generation has great potential; they will drive market growth, as they will represent a quarter of the world’s population by 2030. Sustainable design is a unique and definitive bet for 2024.

Source: Business Of Fashion

Components of a sustainable perfume

All the components that make up a perfume, as well as its design, are currently governed by compliance with basic sustainability, recyclability and quality requirements.


This denatured organic alcohol is made from sugar cane. Denatured alcohol is a very important complement to a perfume , and more importantly for your skin care.

sustainable perfume bottles


The material par excellence used in perfume bottles is glass, a component of natural origin: soda, sand and lime; it also complies with the 3R formula and promotes the “zero waste” concept. “zero waste” concept. More and more glass bottles are starting to be used in the manufacture of which different % of PCR glass is used, this glass has a greenish color, which seeks natural beauty.


The market offers a wide variety of materials, including different types of plastic, wood and aluminum.

And about design?

MINIMALISM. Less is more. Clean designs, few elements and a tendency to use flat colors or the kraft color itself, which never goes out of fashion. Some tips to keep in mind when designing sustainable perfumes are:

  • Use materials that are compatible with each other.
  • Labels that do not cover more than 2/3 of the base.
  • Dark tones make selection difficult.
  • Materials separable by consumers.
  • Ecodesign “mono-materiality” to facilitate recycling of components.

Mixer & Pack is dedicated to achieving harmony between social well-being and environmentally friendly production. The company focuses on implementing sustainable strategies throughout its production chain of perfumes, cosmetics and home fragrances, ensuring a firm commitment to the future of the planet. Find out more about our sustainability policy.