The manufacturer of perfumery for private label closes 2023 with spectacular energy, sustainability, and environmental results.

Cabanillas del Campo, 15th January 2024

The manufacturer of perfumery and home fragrances for third-party brands closes 2023 with incredible results that exceed those from 2022, after obtaining the Guarantee of Origin Certificate (GDO) that ensures that all its energy is 100% renewable origin, it has managed to reduce its CO2 emissions to the environment, avoiding the emission of 110 tonnes in addition to achieving up to 36% of energy for self-consumption thanks to its photovoltaic plant and reaching an annual average of 25%.

The long-term strategy that Mixer & Pack established in 2015, in line with the principles of the European commitment to energy savings, sustainability, self-sufficiency and environmental preservation, continues to generate more satisfactory results.

The main protagonist of this has been its perfumery and ambience 4.0 manufacturing plant in Cabanillas del Campo, which has a photovoltaic installation with a power of 375 kWp, made up of 816 photovoltaic modules that guarantee 533 MWh of green energy per year, avoiding the emission of 133 tons of CO2. As a result, it has reduced atmospheric emissions by 110 tonnes of CO2, reaching 82.7% of the potential of the installations. In addition, the perfumery developer has managed to reduce nonhazardous waste generation to 2.08% of manufacturing due to better optimisation of processes, resulting in less waste.

Mixer & Pack, specialising in the creation of perfumery and ambience for retail brands, continues to invest in improvement processes aimed at optimising consumption in general, reiterating its constant dedication to providing the best service to brands, guaranteeing the final quality of its products and taking care of the environment throughout the perfume manufacturing process. For this reason, during this year 2024, the manufacturer of perfumery for private label will undergo the implementation of the following ISOS:

  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems: this standard certifies that companies with this seal are responsible and committed to protecting the environment. The implementation of this standard will generate an extremely important value to continue to generate great confidence in customers, suppliers and society.
  • ISO 50001:2018 Energy efficiency systems: helps organizations to implement an energy policy and to properly manage the energy aspects derived from their activity, resulting in real and quantifiable energy cost savings for the organization.

Mixer & Pack’s progressive efforts to develop a sustainable industrial and business activity are being recognised by various institutions:

  • 2016: Special mention by the Eurochambrees as an example of energy saving.
  • 2019: Cepyme Award (presented by the ex vice-president of the Government Nadia Calviño) in the Energy Saving and Sustainability category.
  • 2022: CEOE Company of the Year Award, among many reasons for its strategic sustainability and innovation plan.
Aerial view of the Mixer & Pack factory in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara).