The developer of perfumery and cosmetics continues his international expansion strategy betting on the French market, premiering image in the international fair ADF & PCD ¨Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics and Design¨ of Paris 2019.

February, 2019 (Paris, France)

After the success in the German country in June of the last year 2018, Mixer & Pack continues its projection of growth and internationalization presenting itself as one of the main references at manufacturing of perfumery “Made in Spain” in Paris: one of the main consumer and importer countries of perfumery.

For the sixth consecutive year, Mixer & Pack repeats its presence at the Paris international trade fair ADF & PCD (Aerosols, Dispensing Forum & Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics and Design). At this occasion, and after the success of the Cosmetic Business fair in Munich, framed in the strategy of international expansion marked at the end of 2016.

The developer and cosmetic manufacturer for third parties has wanted to show its leadership in design trends and packaging materials, as well as in manufacturing processes by presenting the image of a new stand. According to Lorena Corbacho, Business Development Director of Mixer & Pack: “we bet on a stand that shows the reality of our company and the value of our brand”.

According to Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) data, Germany and France occupied the 4th and 5th positionsrespectively among the largest consumers of perfumery during the year 2017, the main reason why Mixer & Pack has decided to focus its international efforts on the frenchand german countries.

During 2018 Spain has repositioned as the 3rd world exporter of perfumes and 4th in the European Union according to STANPA (The Spanish Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics) data results in which Mixer after its great evolution in 2017 has become a relevant actor. Situation that has caused that more and more the international panorama perceives of the potentiality that ¨Spanish Brand¨ has in the manufacture and export of perfumery.

Although these exports grew in all products during 2017, perfume continues its leadership with a growth of +40% of the total and growth + 11.2% over the previous year.

54% of exports go to the EU, with Portugal, France and Germany to the head, and the remaining 46% to other non-EU destinations: the United States, the Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, Chile and Morocco (for order of importance).

The manufacturer and developer of perfumery and cosmetics has decided to bet on a change of image showing its main values during its manufacturing process: technology, quality, innovation, design and creativity, in addition to projecting the reflection and philosophy with that the company works.

In this edition of the parisian fair, Mixer & Pack wanted to share with the visitors that approached its stand the innovative and sustainable solutions of the Packaging developed in the year 2018 thanks to its continuous attention to all the advances that have occurred in the development of both primary and secondary packaging. Some of the i+D+I actions carried out by the company have been the development of products that substitute materials of petrochemical origin for biodegradable materials.

About PCD fair (Packaging of Perfume and Cosmetics Design 2019): 

The first major event of the year for the perfumery and cosmetics sector took place on January 30 and 31, where more than 600 exhibitors and around 7,000 visitors were welcomed, according to the organization’s data.

With a legacy of 15 editions, PCD is considered the main expert event by both suppliers and key players and influential people in the cosmetic packaging industry.

For more information about the fair: https://www.easyfairs.com/adfpcd-paris-2019/adfpcd-paris-2019/visiting/why-visit/