The manufacturer and developer of perfume and cosmetics for third parties has been nominated by Eurochambres as an energy efficiency success story.

EUROCHAMBRES (the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry), together with the support and collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid and the 10 participating countries in the STEEEP project (Support & Training for an Excellent Energy Efficiency Performance), which includes 36 Chambers of Commerce and Industry and more than 600 companies from all sectors, nominated Mixer & Pack S.L. as one of Europe’s 10 best success stories and a clear example of continually-improving energy efficiency.

As a testament to the Madrid-based perfume developer’s commitment to innovation and the environment, in 2014 Mixer & Pack S.L. decided to participate in one of Europe’s biggest energy efficiency programmes: STEEEP (Support & Training for an Excellent Energy Efficiency Performance). The aim of the initiative is to help European SMEs learn to control their energy costs and to use this vital resource more efficiently and sustainably.

Mixer has proposed, promoted, approved and implemented many changes over the three-year duration of the programme, including:

  •  LED lighting technology – gradually introduced over the last few years and which has reduced outdoor lighting energy consumption by 1.4%.
  •  Drafting of a “Good Practices Manual” – a compilation of the guidelines and directives necessary to train all responsible teams. This resulted in a 2.2% fall in energy consumption.
  •  Planning to install a variable speed drive air compressor at the plant to further reduce energy consumption by 4.8%.
  •  Installation of a temperature control system compliant with RITE (Regulation of thermal installations in buildings) legislation, which led to a 0.5% fall in energy use.
  •  Additional meetings with the competent institutions to achieve a further 1.7% reduction over the aforementioned parameters.
  •  And most importantly: The awareness and involvement of personnel to stress to all members of the MIXER team that saving energy is everyone’s responsibility.

The aim of these changes was to switch from a model based on high consumption and dependence on external resources to a sustainable model focussed on minimising the amount of energy needed to develop, produce and package the perfumes of the biggest and most exclusive national and international companies and brands.

Having completed the programme in February 2017, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid informed the Mixer Board of Directors that, thanks to the changes introduced, Mixer had been nominated by EUROCHAMBRES as a success story and an example of improvement through energy innovation and concern for the environment. Together with motivation, flexibility, customer focus and profitability, Mixer & Pack particularly stresses the importance of innovation and ethics at the heart of its core values that define the company:

  •  Innovation to promote continuous improvement in all our product creation and development processes, as well as to maximise product quality and profitability.
  •  Ethics to act with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect for people, fully committed to occupational health and safety by promoting a culture of prevention and adapting corporate strategies to preserve the environment.

Mixer was founded in 1994 in the municipality of Meco (Madrid) by Rodolfo Gómez de Vargas. Having worked his way to the top of a number of cosmetic multinational corporations, he decided to found his own perfume and cosmetics plant for third parties, investing in state-of-the-art technology and novel flexible processes, with the concept of quality governing the entire production process.

Mixer has now become the perfume and cosmetics partner for the most prestigious national and international fashion and cosmetics brands, developing, formulating and packaging perfumes and cosmetics of all types, for all beauty categories, all textures, all uses and in all available packaging formats.