Mixer & Pack S.L. has been announced as a finalist of the NATIONAL FASHION AWARDS in the category of National Award to the SME operating in the Fashion Industry

Acting on the proposal of the Spanish Fashion Bureau, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism founded the National Fashion Awards in 2013 to acknowledge the achievements and celebrate the prestige of the Spanish fashion industry, thereby helping to support the ‘Marca España’ state policy (policy to improve the image of Spain at home and abroad).

Prizes are awarded to those people, institutions, organisations or industries that have gone the extra mile to achieve business excellence in the sector. The aim of the awards is to enhance the prestige of the Spanish fashion industry by presenting it against a backdrop of quality and excellence, recognising the achievements of the people, institutions, organisations and industries operating in the sector that stand out for their creativity, their ability to adapt to the market, their innovation, their internationalisation and their support from social media and from the educational and cultural fields, whilst at the same time preserving the specific characteristics that define who

they are and acknowledging their work and initiatives that helped them achieve their goals that are recognised by these awards.

The category ‘National Award to the SME operating in the Fashion industry’ recognises the success of small and medium-sized enterprises that have made continuous strides forward in the fashion industry, assessing aspects such as design, technology, production, innovation, distribution, internationalisation, recruitment, adaptation to the industry’s changing circumstances and the effective management of human and material resources.

The pride and responsibility that Mixer feels being the only representative of the cosmetics and perfume sector at such important awards for the fashion industry in Spain is also worthy of special mention.

Being nominated as one of the finalists underlines Mixer’s ongoing excellence in the quality of its development and manufacturing for the best Spanish companies operating in the fashion industry, an accolade that it could not have achieved without the support of its customers, colleagues and suppliers.