The developer of perfumery and cosmetics for third parties has synchronised with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry, AEMPS (Spanish acronym for Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products) and Stanpa (Spanish acronym for National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics) in order to urgently adapt its production lines to manufacture hydroalcoholic solutions and gels.


18 March, 2020 (Meco, Madrid)

Given the need and demand for this type of product in the last days, Mixer & Pack initiated talks last week with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry, AEMPS and Stanpa in order to offer its productive capacity, production lines and human team to meet the need of hydroalcoholic solutions of the Ministry of Health for its health personnel.

Mixer & Pack has strived from the start of these talks to expedite the project, directing all the necessary resources to manage the same, to achieve an effective response for the need to provide in an extraordinary manner to society and the health system of hydroalcoholic sterilising solutions.

“The whole team at Mixer & Pack is really proud to contribute with our know-how, our productive capacity and our technical, technological means and human resources to provide hydroalcoholic sterilising solutions to the Ministry of Health and become part of the active fight against the covid-19 virus and accompany all the great professionals of the Spanish health system in their great daily work” states Agustín Gómez Loeches, board member at Mixer & Pack.


About Mixer & Pack S.L.:

Mixer & Pack, after 25 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing perfumery and cosmetics for third parties, has become a major partner of the most prestigious and important national and international fashion and cosmetic firms.

It features a large perfumery and cosmetics factory in Meco (Madrid), currently building a new factory in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara), its products are marketed in more than 120 countries in the 5 continents.

Additionally, Mixer is a Stanpa and CRE100DO Foundation member, it is also a Patron of the Perfumery Academy Foundation and won the 2019 Cepyme Award in the sustainability and energy efficiency category and the 2020 National Fashion Industry Award in the fashion accessories category.