Future Dusk, the trend colour of 2025

A “blue of confidence” that ties in with the new space age. Dark, bright and sophisticated. The shade was selected from Coloro’s library of contemporary colours by WGSN experts.

Do you know its meaning?

“This dependable blue will be essential to reinforce a sense of confidence and stability, but as purple it also carries an imaginative quality that will dynamically drive the creation of new futures”.

The colour of the future

British car company Rolls-Royce collaborated with Dutch couture designer Iris Van Herpen to create the Phantom Syntopia, which it calls “the most technically complex bespoke Phantom ever produced”.

Source: WGSN

Future Dusk is a dark, shifting and intriguing shade, sitting between blue and purple. It has a sense of mystery and escapism, and feeds themes of transition, whether moving from dark to light, or dusk to dawn, making it perfect for a period of immense change.

Teleporting to another world

With a sense of mystery and evasion, it makes it suitable for a period of immense change. The “otherworldly” qualities of the colour also align with the influence of the second space age, which ties in with the acceleration of science and technology.

We have already seen it on the catwalks

In the near future, the lines between reality and fantasy will be more blurred than ever: Future Dusk is an immersive and transformative colour, aligned with this direction.

We have already seen it in this season’s spring-summer 2023 fashion shows, from the house of Saint Laurent to Dior and Giorgio Armani, via Victoria Beckham.

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