The involvement, effort and investment in continuous improvements have given the developer and manufacturer of perfumery and cosmetics for third parties the nomination as a finalist in the CEPYME awards in the category of “energy saving and sustainability”.

Mixer & Pack (Meco, Madrid) October 2018.

The developer and contract manufacturer of perfumery and cosmetics for third parties reinforces its position in the energy sphere by consolidating its leadership thanks to being nominated this October in the CEPYME awards, the most prestigious awards in the Spanish Industry for small and medium companies.

After the successful results of Mixer & Pack presenting 3 years ago the European project STEEEP, directed by the Eurochambres: becoming one of the 10 best cases of success in Europe, being only two Spaniards and the only one of the sector, Mixer & Pack decided to make the whole company aware that this was only a beginning and start a continuous process of improvement. With full process started Mixer & Pack decided to present these prestigious awards in the middle of the year.

Since then they have collaborated with the Club of Excellence in Sustainability (Business Association for the promotion of corporate responsibility and sustainability) with presentations such as “Energy Saving in the Energy Efficiency Observatory”.

For Mixer & Pack the most important thing is already done: to start a business model that is aware of sustainable development, the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and the progressive elimination of plastics. Actions born as altruistic improvement that are causing energy savings and improving the profitability of the business.

According to Javier Palacios, Factory Director of the cosmetic developer: “Mixer & Pack, is one of the most important third-party perfume and cosmetics developers in Europe; 25 years of experience have made us a speaker and spokesman for the sector. Visibility especially in matters that are so relevant to society, such as the sustainable future, becomes a goal after having the duties done. It is not only important to do it well, it is also essential to make it known “.

The measures that the developer of perfumery has taken until 2017 have been of all types and scope, from measures that have involved high investments as a provision of LED lighting throughout, plants stores and offices (€ 120,000 more than 2,700 tubes and screens that they have produced savings of more than 70% in the consumption of illumination of the company), a laser writing machine on the glass jars that eliminates the basic plastic labels (€ 216,000 that manage to eliminate 30,000,000 of plastic labels) measures of small investment or “awareness” as mandatory implementation of switching off and on equipment, savers, power adjustments, presence detectors, submettering equipment to control consumption at different points of supply, application of the RITE to the control of the setpoint temperatures (8.025 Kwh), disconnection of the stand-by mode of the company’s computers (4.815 Kwh), replacement of air conditioning equipment with more efficient refrigerant gases, placement of frequency variators in the pumps and replacement of external lighting by LEDS (more than 22,000 Kwh).

The contract manufacturer considering that this is a process that has to be continuous improvement, has created an “energy committee” whose main objective is to pay attention to improvements and training throughout the company in awareness of the use efficient of energy.

This year also, they have changed a compressed air compressor (more than € 43,000) with which they will save more than 50 tons of CO2 equivalent per year (50,000 kWh per year) and are also in full audits for certification of ISO 50001.


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