Mixer & Pack finalist in the Spanish Awards of the Fashion industry

The developer and contract manufacturer of perfume and cosmetics for third parties for the second time becomes finalist in the most important awards in the fashion industry in Spain, this time in the nomination of “Award for the best fashion accessories”.

Madrid, November 2018.

Mixer & Pack has been chosen for having become a benchmark in the industry for the development of perfumery and cosmetics for fashion firms. The developer of perfumery currently manufactures from the most exclusive brands of Spanish luxury to the most important Spanish retailers with more presence in the world.

The “Spanish Awards of the Fashion Industry”, formerly “National Fashion Awards”, arrive at its V edition-20018. Created in 2013 at the proposal of the Bureau of the Fashion Industry by the previous Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the General Directorate of Industry and SME.

This Award recognizes those companies from the different subsectors that have stood out for achieving business excellence, including in this concept quality, sustainability, respect for the environment, internationalization, orientation towards results and the client, leadership, processes, continuous improvements, innovation, digitalization and taking into account social responsibility. In addition, they have the objective of basically fulfilling two objectives:

First, the recognition of the contribution of the Sector of the Fashion Industry of Spain to its economy, both endorsing its prestige as its creativity, its adaptation to the market, its capacity for innovation, its internationalization, its marketing or its communication.

Secondly, to show support for the development and strengthening of the Fashion Industry in Spain as part of the strategy and the business creation and development initiatives.

According to Juan Mediavilla, General Manager of Mixer & Pack: “It is a real pride that we have been named finalists for the second time (in the first time it was in the SME category) recognizing the direct weight we have in the industry, helping to Spanish companies to extend their creativity beyond the textile, get an additional figure to their business, completing their total look and securing their consumer to their points of sale as well as attracting new and more traffic to their stores “.

The sector of the Fashion Industry in Spain has great importance and representation, both geographically and by the number of subsectors that comprise it, encompassing trades and specialties with a production that is aimed at various market segments, highlighting the activities of design, production, marketing and sale, but also with an important component of innovation and internationalization.

About Mixer & Pack S.L.

Mixer was founded in 1994 in Meco (Madrid), by Rodolfo Gómez de Vargas, who after holding senior management positions in multinational cosmetics, decided to build a perfumery and cosmetics factory for third parties: with the most advanced technology, innovatively agile processes and with the concept of quality integrated throughout the manufacturing process.

Nowadays, Mixer has become the great perfume and cosmetics partner for the most prestigious national and international fashion and cosmetics brands, developing, formulating and packaging all types of perfumery and cosmetics products for all beauty categories, in all kinds of texture, for all types of needs, and in all possible packaging formats.

Mixer has a large perfumery and cosmetics factory in Meco (Madrid) with the capacity to manufacture and package 113 million units per year, currently present in more than 120 countries in the 5 continents.