Mixer & Pack becomes the first Spanish manufacturer for third parties to obtain the Halal Certificate, to get access to new comercial markets.

October 16, 2023 (Cabanillas del Campo, Spain)

The private label perfumery manufacturer reinforces its Integrated Management System, obtaining the Halal Certificate, allowing it to continue with its growth and internationalization projection.

Continuing with the expansion plan and the continuous search for excellence in its products, Mixer & Pack decides to obtain the Halal certificate, opening the way to new business opportunities, satisfying a segment of customers with specific and strict needs such as the Arab market, in addition to giving an added value to its current customers by offering them a certification that will allow them to reach more consumers.

The demand for Halal certification is increasing worldwide and having this certification provides great benefits at the company level, giving access to more than 1.8 billion potential customers in an expanding market with a promising future valued at more than 3.0 trillion dollars.

Mixer & Pack offers a differential service to its customers, with this certificate, it anticipates possible trade barriers to entry in countries such as Indonesia, where it is expected that by 2026 it will be mandatory for perfumery products in its territory to carry the Halal market and for all those customers who want to carry the Halal logo on their products.

In addition providing added value for consumers of products with Halal Guarantee in all countries of the world. For them, this brand is a symbol of quality, safety and confidence in the products they are going to consume, Mixer & Pack guarantees the Halal certification process, that is, the complete traceability of its production chain, not only at the level of ingredients, also in its production processes, hygiene, handling, storage, transport and distribution, making a difference to its competitors.

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