To mark the ceremony in honour of Saint Sebastian, patron saint of the Spanish ‘Policia Local’ (Municipal Police), Mixer wanted to work with the Municipal Police of Meco the only way it knows how: through perfume.

As with every year, the Mayor of the town of Meco, Mr Pedro Luis Sanz Carlavilla, and on his behalf the Head of Meco’s Municipal Police, Mr Miguel Ángel Moya Herreros, invited all the inhabitants of the town and neighbouring villages to come to the incredible Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Meco to join the festivities in honour of Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of the Municipal Police. Mixer did not want to miss the chance to take part, choosing to provide the attendees with perfume.

The perfume and cosmetics developer for third party brands has been collaborating with the Municipal Police to mark the San Sebastian festivities for many years. But on the occasion of its twenty-fourth anniversary in the town and to mark its approaching silver jubilee in the municipality, Mixer wanted to do something extra special by providing the attendees with a range of more than 200 perfumes.

The ceremony took place on Saturday 20 January at 12:00 in the magnificent Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, where a mass was held followed by a procession with the saint. The attendees were then invited to drink a glass of Spanish wine at Foguet restaurant, where they were given the 200 perfumes donated by Mixer.

Upon presenting the perfumes to Mr Miguel Ángel Moya Herreros, the Head of the Municipal Police of Meco, the Managing Director of Mixer & Pack, Mr Juan Mediavilla, declared that: “This was without a doubt a much-appreciated and already historic contribution to such a special event for the Municipal Police Force, a team made up of some of Spain’s most outstanding professionals who can be relied upon to look after and protect us and our town day after day”.