Provocative Packaging: Sensual scents

provocative packaging

What experience embodies moments of intimacy and connection? The sense of smell. Did you know that the sense of smell is the most emotional of all? It is the only sense that is in direct contact with what we call the emotional brain and therefore, as the Perfume Academy points out, it also plays a […]

Future Dusk, the trend colour of 2025

future dusk

A “blue of confidence” that ties in with the new space age. Dark, bright and sophisticated. The shade was selected from Coloro’s library of contemporary colours by WGSN experts. Do you know its meaning? “This dependable blue will be essential to reinforce a sense of confidence and stability, but as purple it also carries an […]

Vegetable Scented Perfumes: Fresh and bright smells.

Vegetable scented perfumes

Have you heard of Alt-Gourmand fragrances? These Vegetable Scented Perfumes are characterised by warm, sweet, even “edible” aromas, often accompanied by spicy nuances. Shoppers are looking for deeper connections to nature and alternative fragrances, so chic, ecofriendly plant-based stories inspired by greenhouses, gardens and pantry ingredients are booming. These fragances are no longer niche. The […]

Sustainable perfumery: The world is a beautiful place, let’s take care of it.

sustainable perfume design

Eco is in fashion, and more and more! It is a reality, market trends are leaning towards an increasingly sustainable packaging. Using compostable papers, water-based inks and as little plastic as possible. What is sustainable design exactly? Sustainability refers to the responsible use of natural resources so that future generations can also have access to them, […]