Our Mission

MIXER & PACK´S  mission is to create and develop cosmetic and perfumery products with very personal care in an effort to provide effective, creative, innovative, competitive and quality solutions to customers during every phase of the creation process: from formula, investigation, design, manufacture, bottling and packaging, as well as launching on the national and international markets. All this has been carried out in a responsible and engaging manner towards safety, health, well-being and the environment. 

Our Vision

MIXER 6 PACK´S vision is to offer the best and most competitive service to its clients by surpassing their expectations, earning a market presence in the perfume and cosmetics industry, contributing to development and employee training, as well as ensuring the profitability of the  its owners´ investments.

Our Values

MOTIVATION: we guarantee development opportunities based on merit and professional input by team work and encouraging everyone´s participation to achieve the common goal: personal success of both the client and the company. 
INNOVATION AND IMPROVEMENT : We promote continuous improvements in all product creation and development processes, such as innovations to reach maximum quality from profitability and a product criteria point of view. 
FLEXIBILITY AND CLIENT GUIDANCE: we concentrate our efforts on client satisfaction by providing efficient, competitive, ground-breaking, creative, flexible and quality solutions.
ETHICS: we conduct ourselves with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect for people. Also decidedly committed to health and safety by promoting a culture of precaution and adapting business strategies to preservation of the environment.
COST EFFECTIVENESS: With a clear leaning toward results, we focus our actions on achieving the objectives of our own business project and the profitability for our clients.