Business trajectory linked to a passion for essences

The business journey of Mixer&Pack is tightly united to a passion for the world of Cosmetics and Perfumes by the co-founders of Mixer & Pack – Rodolfo Gómez de Vargas and Gregoria Loeches Antolín – who envisaged the world of essences and fragrances somewhat differently from the established fashion and decided to break the rules. They realized that all the requirements in the perfume and cosmetic manufacturing arena were simply not being delivered.

So, in 1994 and in a totally visionary, courageous and enterprising nature, they decided to make their dreams come true, i.e. to build a Perfume and Cosmetics Factory in Madrid, geared towards creating wealth for its citizens and being able to offer their clients the most advanced technologies and new agile processing methods. All of this is combined with the concept of incorporating quality into the entire fabrication process and which continues to this present day. 

Currently, Mixer has become the major partner of Perfumes and Cosmetics for the most prestigious brands, both national and international. It is a clear reference in the sector and projects itself as one of the most cutting edge companies in its production chain by offering every one of its clients an ad-hoc service, which delivers and adapts to each and every individual requirement. 

Their maximum optimization of development and process,  Intensive staff training, as well as continuous improvements to their facilities and equipment, allows Mixer&Pack to achieve its main objective to all completed projects: Product perfection, client satisfaction and consumer loyalty.