Advanced cosmetic investigation laboratories. Integral quality processes

Consumers of perfume and cosmetics demand ever more efficient and innovative products. This has forced Mixer & Pack to sustain a continuous focus on improvements and to offer an ad hoc service in fragrance development and personalized cosmetic formulas.


To ensure and guarantee maximum reliability, efficiency, quality and durability to the final perfumes and cosmetics, Mixer & Pack takes charge of carrying out a continuous evaluation process in each and every one of its products during the production cycle. 


The highly developed physicochemical and microbiological laboratories prioritize the needs of each client and research the best way to offer solutions that adapt to current and future perfumery and cosmetics markets.  


In every project the actual manufacturing of the perfume or cosmetic products co-exists with an innovative attitude during all the product creation processes, with a view to offer effective, competitive and valued solutions.

Mixer Pack focuses its efforts and advanced cosmetic research to obtain maximum market quality, while always ensuring implementation of a sustainable and environmentally-friendly cosmetic development.