Mixer & Pack is committed to optimizing and making efficient use of energy in the development, manufacture, packaging and marketing of perfumery and cosmetics products.

In order to guarantee an efficient use of energy, as a basic objective of our business management, the company has opted for the implementation of an energy management system according to the ISO 50001 standard. 

Our organization assumes the following commitments in relation to energy consumption management, which are as follows: 

Comply with and enforce applicable legal provisions and other requirements related to the use and consumption of power and energy efficiency.

Seek the continuous improvement of energy performance.

To promote the efficient use of energy and energy savings via the implementation of savings measures or the implementation of technologies aimed at more efficient energy.

Ensure the availability of the technical, human and material means required to achieve the objectives and goals established, with the full participation of all the staff.

Support the acquisition and design of energy-efficient products and services to improve energy performance and consequently reduce energy consumption.

Ensure the distribution of energy performance commitments and continuous improvement at all levels within the organization. .

To promote continuous training relating to the control of significant energy uses and operation of the energy management system.