Add additional figures to your business.
Increase your product portfolio with a new category.

Perfume generates high profitability for your brand 
Perfumes manage to generate profitability for a brand, at the same time  being a simple and creative business process.

High loyalty product
A perfume manages to make the consumer loyal to a brand with greater speed and effectiveness than any other type of reference

Adds additional value to the brand
Perfumery generates extra value for the business, increasing the brand value and its positioning within the market.

Adds to the consumer profile
Perfumery manages to promote the brand to a new type of consumer: perfume increases the accessibility of the brand thanks to diversification of price and yet without altering the brand image.

Increase traffic and frequency to the point of sale
Perfume increases traffic to the point of sale due to greater diversity in your portfolio, which then links to an increase in the frequency of visits arising from the loyalty achieved from the perfume.

Increase in your average basket count
In the majority of cases, the purchase of a new perfume is thanks to an impulse buy and therefore the value of your average basket is increased.

Olfactory marketing enhances image and brand recognition
Olfactory marketing is the most powerful stimulation technique to transmit values thanks to the powerful memory it generates.

Total look concept
Perfumery  also contributes to transmit the concept  and  philosophy of a brand via smell.

Spanish leadership and expertise as the 4th international perfumery exporter
Spain’s expertise as a manufacturer has grown to become the world’s 4th largest exporter of perfumes.