Cosmetics packaging for third party brands

  • Accentuated ability to package cosmetic products

The product will be ready for packaging into the different packaging and handling lines offered by Mixer, after the process of manufacturing (processing), maceration, cooling, filtering and colouring.

Its four bottling plants, 23 automatic and semi-automatic production lines, highly advanced industrial technology, Lean manufacturing and energy efficiency processes and come together industry 4.0, converge in Mixer & Pack to make each project a highly industrialized and profitable development, offering an ad hoc service tailored to the needs of each client.

We have the most advanced production equipment


Automatic fillers of the most prestigious brands in the sector, such as PKB, Kalix, Dara, Espada and Esquerda, as well as our own  manufacturing  technologies with the use of volumetric filling up  with and without pressure – by vacuum,  peristaltic pumps, manual pumps, etc. 

Kalix Pipe Fillers, labellers, ink markers, laser, impact, cellophane suppliers of the main brands in the IMA sector, Sollas, crimping pliers and manual pistons.  

IMA, Kalix boxing up of colognes and promotional vials , etc. Additionally, Mixer & Pack has a machinery workshop for the production of the tools required for each project, which gives the factory maximum flexibility to undertake any project. 

All this lends Mixer & Pack an extremely high ability to package and handle cosmetics products of all sizes and textures. This allows us to offer a quality service to the highest safety, quality, service and global efficiency standards.